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A Lake Cottage Here By Any Other Name Would Be As Sweet

Name it what you will… a lakefront cottage… a lakefront home… it shall be the place your heart longs for near South Haven Michigan.

Am I not a lake cottage? My charming vintage style will take you back to yesterday, with classic gable roof lines, covered porches, expansive balconies, beadboard walls, and natural wood floors.

Yet, am I not a lake home? My quality construction runneth-over, with ample living space, an efficient floor plan, plenty of bedrooms & bathrooms, and makes use of today’s best building methods.

Lakefront Cottages or Homes Near South Haven Michigan
Lake Cottage or Lake Home?

When you experience the charming cottages… or quality homes… set against the backdrop of beautiful lakefront views, sandy beaches, and natural surroundings, you’ll come to understand that it doth not matter what name you give it… a cottagea homeLe Lac Appelle will be the place your heart longs for in Southwest Michigan.

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