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Magical Misty Mornings at the Lakes

“… on some mornings, you’ll awake to a Magical Morning Mist… “

By all accounts, Le Lac Appelle is a unique waterfront neighborhood in Southwest Michigan … located between South Haven & St. Joseph… with spacious lakefront sites, two charming inland lakes, beautiful cottage-style homes, gated entrances, and private sandy beaches.

The scenery, while ever-changing  throughout the fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons, remains consistently amazing with lakefront views extending from your lakeside porch and ample green space in all directions… north, south, east, and west.

Some mornings, you’ll awake to a Magical Morning Mist at the lakes, as it gently swirls around you, softly hovers above the water, and slowly dances in the trees, magically at once connecting you with all of nature.

Lakefront waterfront cottage home for sale in Southwest Michigan near South Haven and St Joseph with Private Sandy Beach
Misty Mornings at the Lake


Meet Your Magical Misty Mornings:  At Le Lac Appelle 🙂

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