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Look Around You Be a Part

Feel for the winter but don’t have a cold heart.

Does it sound familiar to you?

As we look around Le Lac Appelle during the winter, beyond the beautiful lake views and charming cottage-style lakefront homes, the lyrics & melody from a classic song resonate through our minds.

We’re reminded that there’s more to take in beyond the summer months in Southwest Michigan.

The Lake is Calling near South Haven Michigan lakefront homes & sites
Beyond the lakes at Le Lac Appelle

After you’ve seen all the rest, then decide to make Le Lac Appelle your vacation-home near South Haven Michigan, you might find yourself finishing out the tune this way…

And I love you best… Le Lac, 
You’re not like the rest… Le Lac, 
You’re there when I need you…  
You’re there when I need…  
I’m gonna need you… Le Lac 🙂

It’s Not Like All The Rest:  Le Lac Appelle

In Case You Don’t Recall The Song By The Little River Band:

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