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Wind & Water Therapy

The lakefront & natural views change from day-to-day, continually providing variety to the scenic backdrop.

Enjoy this video as the water, driven by the gentle winds, flows directly towards you.

At Le Lac Appelle near South Haven Michigan, you’ll find that each spacious lakefront site captures slightly different views. The scenes continually change from day-to-day, hour-to-hour, offering variety to the backdrop that nature provides. We were immediately drawn into this view from Lot #7 near the private cul-de-sac as the water, driven by the gentle winds, flowed directly towards us on the sandy beach. It was easy then to imagine what it would be like from the elevated view of a new cottage-style home overlooking the lake, almost as if the water was flowing under our screened-in porch.

Move With The Winds at: www.LeLacAppelle.com

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