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The Location Location Location Myth

Like other worn-out mantras, it’s an over-simplification and misses the point.

What does location really mean in today’s real estate market?

Such a simple phrase, seemingly good advice repeated by friends, and over-used in countless real estate articles. But the reality is, “location, location, location” is one of the most misused mantras in the real estate industry, and misunderstood by sellers, buyers, and real estate professionals alike.

Myth #1 – Location is an Address, City, or Zip Code: Using a city’s name or zip code is a “shortcut with shortcomings” to express value. There are individual neighborhoods within larger communities that stand apart because of their unique features, amenities, and exceptional value.  A really good location is much more than just a name or a zip code.

Myth #2 – Location is “Close” Proximity to Services: There may have been a time when being “close” to businesses or services was a real benefit. But being “too close” to traffic, noise, and congestion can take away from value and enjoyment. For many people these days, the “sweet spot” seems to be within a 15 minute drive to restaurants, shopping, and events.

Myth #3 – Everyone Already Knows About the Best Locations: See, here’s the thing… changes in neighborhoods have a way of sneaking up on us. What was once “that area on the South side we heard about” can become “the amazing place we found” in the blink of an eye.
Some of the best locations are yet to be discovered!

So What Does a Great Location Look Like?

  • Location – A short drive to everything: Half way between the two charming resort communities of South Haven & St. Joseph Michigan !!!
  • Location – Surrounded by beauty: Beautiful lakes, natural surroundings, and protected views buffered by spacious lakefront sites !!!
  • Location – Close to the beach: Step right off your deck onto your own private sandy beach to swim… fish… and relax !!!

Discover The Real Meaning of Location Location Location:
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The Location Location Location Myth - What it really means!
Article Name
The Location Location Location Myth - What it really means!
Location location location - a worn out mantra, over-simplification, and misused by sellers, buyers, and real estate professionals. What is a good location?
Le Lac Appelle