This Picture Almost Says It All

When we look at the many beautiful photographs from Le Lac Appelle, it’s easy to forget was is most often missing.

Do you see what is missing from this photograph? Is it obvious to you? Look closely and follow along as we review the details… but don’t skip to the answer ūüôā

Imagine playing your favorite summer game on the sandy beach, swimming in the clear fresh water, and falling asleep in the sun on the deck¬†in the cushy lounge chairs¬†with an icy-cold drink nearby. Then take the row boat¬†out for a spin, float on the raft, catch that big fish¬†cruising by, but don’t forget to bring the camera to document your story ūüôā Relax in the natural surroundings, noting the well-defined reflections of the blue sky, white clouds, and lush green trees¬†spread across the glass-like surface of the lake. You can’t help but notice the stone-lined bonfire pit, embraced by the curvature of the deck, waiting silently in the background of the sunny day for another Michigan summer night¬†to fall and say “come on, come on, light it up, roast them marshmallows, make them s’mores!”

So what is missing?

Lakefront Homes Sites Near South Haven Michigan
Summer at Le Lac Appelle

All you need to do is add yourself and the people you care about then the picture becomes complete!

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