Winter Spring Summer or Fall

Our lakefront cottage offers more than swimming & fishing.

All of the seasons share something in common at Le Lac Appelle… do you know what it is?

There’s incredible beauty throughout the seasons at Le Lac Appelle… golden summer days… colorful fall scenes… snow-covered winter trees… and blossoming spring flowers.

While the seasons are distinctly wonderful, they all share something in common: The beauty of the day transforms into the evening where it becomes almost magical at night.

Beautiful lakefront cottage-style homes at night near South Haven Michigan
Night time at the lake

Cast against the seasonal backdrops, each night at Le Lac Appelle offers a special time to experience the lakefront views, nature all around you, and the picturesque cottages set within the trees.

Click Here to Experience the Beauty of Night:  Lights @ Le Lac

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Winter Spring Summer or Fall Near South Haven Michigan
Article Name
Winter Spring Summer or Fall Near South Haven Michigan
There's beauty throughout the lakefront seasons... golden summer days... colorful fall scenes... snow-covered winter trees... and blossoming spring flowers.
Le Lac Appelle